The club Library

Members may, or may not, be aware that we have an extensive collection of bonsai books within the club library. This page will document the books we have, and a brief overview of the books contents. Any club member can use the library - all the books are taken to the monthly meetings - and it is as simple as checking out the book(s) you want to borrow and paying £1 per title per month. All the £1's are used to buy new books so we can increase the size of the library so please make use of the service when ever possible. It is no fluke that the members with the nicest looking trees make extensive use of the library and are always reading bonsai books ! Some books are so usefull you may want to buy a copy, but what better way to see if you like a book than trying it first for just £1.

Colin is guardian of the books and the man to see.

This is our newest book and I promice you there will be a waiting list ! This takes satsuki bonsai techniques way beyond the other books previously available on the subject

Everything for growing Satsuki Azalea bonsai and in the garden. How-to, care, proffessional japanese growers methods and so much more. This remarkable Satsuki azalea bonsai book presents by far the most expert, detailed information on azalea bonsai of any book. It is hard to imagine that we will ever need another book on the subject.

Care & how-to book for growing Juniper bonsai trees, from Bonsai

Today's Masters' Series books. This magnificent juniper bonsai book

brings together the wisdom and experience from bonsai masters

around the globe. Learn bonsai techniques that you may never have imagined. Bonsai care too. After reading this wonderful bonsai book,

 you will approach your juniper bonsai trees with a new understanding and increased confidence.

Pine bonsai trees. The definitive how-to & care book on Black and

 White Pine Bonsai trees with detailed instructions by some of the

 world's greatest Bonsai Masters. This thorough and complete book will help you in your quest to design, style and maintain beautiful pine

bonsai. Includes: needle reduction, energy balancing, styles and

 styling, nebari development, branch development, trunk taper,

sacrifice branches, bending large branches, rock planting,

 transplanting, choosing the right pot, plant positioning, growing

 from seed, care and maintenance, Superfeeding, wintercare etc

This is a picture guide to some of the trees at last years BIB show - quite a nice little reference book to see some of the good trees we have in the UK, and then you can see which trees you may have at home that are equally as nice to consider entering them !

Bonsai Art Europe - Various authors

Shohin Bonsai - Morten Albeck

The Complete Book of Bonsai - Harry Tomlinson

Bonsai Identifier - Gordon Owen

The Spirit of Bonsai Design -

Bonsai - Paul Lesniewicz

Growing Bonsai, The Practical Guide

Introducing Bonsai - Christian Pessey

Indoor Bonsai - John Ainsworth

Successful Bonsai growing - Peter Adams

Bonsai, The Art of Growing - Peter Chan

Bonsai - David Pike

Bonsai for Home and Garden

What are Satsuki - Alexander Kennedy

The Bonsai School - Craig Coussins

Bonsai - Anne Swinton

Bonsai, A Wisley Handbook

Create Your Own Bonsai - Ken Norman

The Beginners Guide to Bonsai - Ken Norman

Bonsai Care Book

Bonsai Pocket Encyclopedia - Harry Tomlinson

Handbook for Indoor Bonsai

Bonsai Basics

Bonsai, Their Care