WIRE. It is very hard to create a convincing bonsai tree without some use of wire. Wiring is essential to steer branches and trunks in the direction you want, to shape the finer foliage and twigs into mature and pleasing shapes, and to pull down branches that rise up in a 'young tree' image. Initially aluminium wire is fine for all your trees, in time you may wish to invest in copper wire for pines and junipers as it does a much better job in the long term

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Acer Palmatum sp. - Japanese Maples

Acer Buergerianum - Trident Maple

Azalea sp.

Carpinus - Hornbeams

Chamaecyparis - Hinoki


Crataegus - Hawthorns

Fagus - European Beech

Fagus Crenata - Japanese White beech

Juniperus chinensis - scale type foliage

Juniperus rigida - needle type foliage

Larix - larches

Pinus - japanese Black Pine 


Pinus - 5 needle, white pine

Prunus - Blackthorn, cherry, plum

Taxus - Yew

Ulmus - Elms