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Here we have a selection of our trees as they are today. From these up to date images we will show various progression pictures as the trees are developed and refined. Just email me your tree pictures as they are in 2011/12 with a quick note of species, size, who it came from (or 'wild'), how long you've had it, pot info if its interesting etc


This page only works if I get tree pictures so get clicking please.








































































































































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This is the crab apple that was a rescue tree purchase from Newquay and that I showed at Eden in 2010. I'm glad that I managed to take this photo just before the rain deluge we had a couple
of days ago that stripped off a lot of the blossom - John Duncan


Here are a couple of pictures from the Eden - nice progression !






It is a good year for kojo-no-mae here is Micheals too




A few spring shots of Neils flowering cherry





A nice larch belonging to Neil, first at the Eden in 2009, then this year moved to a cornish slate



















Japanese Flowering quince at our January

meeting - A beautiful indication of spring just round the corner.















                                                                Japanese White Beech, Seibolds beech  - Fagus Crenata


22" tall, informal upright

- November 2011


Pot - Walsall Ceramics


Tree - Source, Japan, Supplied by Willowbog bonsai













Chinese Elm -Ulmus Parvifolia


  30" Tall  Informal upright


Pot - Fine chinese silver grey oval


Tree - Source, China or Korea, via Holland


Supplied - Robert, St Mawgan Bonsai, 18 years ago







Chamaecyparis obtusa - Hinoki cypress


34" Tall  Informal Upright 


Pot - 26"oval, custom Alan Hariman, China mist  


Tree - Source possibly japan, maybe Holland


Supplied - Robert, St Mawgan Bonsai Nursery 2007


The tree was partially styled in 2007 having been in a UK collection for well over 30 years





Pinus Parviflora - Japanese White Pine


17" High, Stocky upright


Pot - mica (tempory)


Tree - Source Japanese import


Supplied - Robert, St Mawgan Bonsai Nursery








Mixed planting on a dry stone wall. Cotoneaster, box, elm, blackthorn, cherry

O(all cuttings, layers etc)


Pot Alexander Kennedy Splat pottery


time as bonsai when picture taken - 2 hours (Nov 2010)





 Small shohin cotoneaster horizontals - basic styling but not refined yet.


Size - 24cm High


source - Korea? - Graham Potter Kaizen Bonsai


Pot - chinese glazed rectangle